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Robber Economics And World Trade

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The World Bank and IMF are controlled exclusively by the rich nations and work exclusively int he poor nations. They set conomic policies for those poor nations and effectively deny the governments of those nations from making an attempt at setting their own econimc policies.
After the colonies of the old empires started gaining their independance in the 50's 60's and 70's, their former rulers effectively turned their backs on them and left them to pick up the peices of their broken country, and what little aid we did provide them, we now expect them to pay back in debt. Our empires were built upon the backs and at the expense of the third world, and now instead of aiding them in their struggle for economic stability we are expecting them to pay us huge debts! Whats more, western corporations move into these countries and exploit their resources and raw materials by paying workers in the countries in question poor wages and recruiting ex-patriots to manage their facilities by paying their wages in tax free dollars through secret acounts.

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