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The Bloody History Of Us Imperialism

"Yes i know my enemies, the teachers who told me to fight me, compromise, conformity, hypocricy, brutality, assimilation, submission, the elite.... all of which are american dreams"

PHILIPPINES, 1898-1910: seizes from Spain, 600,000 Filipinos killed. 

PUERTO RICO, 1898: seizes from Spain. PANAMA, 1901-14: separates country from Colombia and annexes canal zone. 

HONDURAS, 1903: US marines intervene against revolution. 

NICARAGUA, 1912-33: 20-year occupation and war against guerrillas. 

HAITI, 1914-34: occupation. 

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 1916-24: occupation. 

CUBA, 1917-33: military occupation, made into economic protectorate. 

RUSSIA, 1917-22: five landings of troops to try to overthrow revolution. 

YUGOSLAVIA, 1919: marines intervene against Serbs. 

PANAMA, 1925: marines suppress general strike. 

CHINA, 1927-34: marines stationed throughout the country. 

EL SALVADOR, 1932: warships sent during revolt. 

JAPAN, 1945: firebombs Tokyo and other cities, drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

PUERTO RICO, 1950: independence rebellion crushed. 

KOREA, 1950-3: US and South Korea fight China and North Korea to stalemate. US threatens to use nuclear bombs. At least two million Korean civilians killed or wounded. IRAN, 1953: CIA overthrows democracy. 

GUATEMALA, 1954: CIA directs invasion after government nationalises land belonging to US United Fruit company. 

LEBANON, 1956: US troops land. 

VIETNAM, 1960-75: Two million Vietnamese killed in longest US war. 

INDONESIA, 1965: One million killed in CIA-assisted coup. 

CAMBODIA, 1969-75: US carpet bombs. Two million killed by years of bombing and starvation. 

CHILE, 1973: CIA-backed coup overthrows democratically elected government. 

ANGOLA, 1976-92: CIA assists South African backed rebels. 

LIBYA, 1981: two Libyan jets shot down. 

EL SALVADOR, 1981-92: troops and air power assist death squads, 75,000 people killed. 

NICARAGUA, 1981-90: CIA directs Contra invasions. 

LEBANON, 1982-4: US forces intervene, navy shells Beirut. 

HONDURAS, 1983-9: US troops build bases for death squads. 

GRENADA, 1983: US invasion. 

LIBYA, 1986: capital Tripoli bombed in effort to kill President Gadaffi. 

IRAN, 1987: Iranian passenger jet shot down over Persian Gulf. 

PANAMA, 1989-90: invasion, thousands of civilians killed. 

GULF WAR, 1990-1: US-led coalition kills 100,000 Iraqis. SOMALIA, 1992-4: US-led United Nations occupation. 

EX-YUGOSLAVIA, 1995: bombs Serbs and assists ethnic cleansing. 

SUDAN, 1998: bombs pharmaceutical factory. 

IRAQ, 1998: four days of air strikes, raids continue until present day. 

SERBIA, 1989: 78 days of NATO air strikes. 

AFGHANISTAN, 2001: US-led war kills thousands. 

IRAQ, 2002...

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