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Marxism And The Individual

Marxism and Communism are targeted with the accusation  that we want to abolish property, individuality, liberty and culture ...  a quote from Marx's "Second Manuscript - Private Property And Communism" Shatters this false accusation, and proves that the role and acceptance of the individual is not neglected and is paramount:

"Social activity and social consumption by no means exist solely in the form of a directly communal activity and a directly communal consuption. Even if i am active in the field of science, art, etc - an activity which I am not able to perform in direct association with other men - I am still socially active because I am active as a man. It is not only the material of my activity - including even the language in which the thinker is active - which i recieve as a social product. My own existence is social activity. Therefore what I create for myself I create for society, conscious of myself as a social being.
It is above all necessary to avoid once more establishing "society" as an abstraction over against the individual. The individiual is the social being. His vital expression - even when it does not appear in the form of a communal expression , conceived in association with other men - is therefore an expresssion, and confirmation of social life. Man's individual and species life are not two distinct things, the omde of existence of individual life is a more particular or a more general mode of species life. "

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